Working with Jayne led me to a deeper level of self awareness over the course of 3 or 4 sessions. Her enquiry was directed with care and she effectively used a number of tools to help me see things in a new light. The timeline therapy was particularly powerful. We identified a seemingly trivial, yet pivotal, childhood experience as a source of subsequent behaviour patterns and successfully reframed it to allow me to break the cycle. I would not hesitate to recommend Jayne to anyone wanting to create lasting change in their life.

- Helen S

Jayne's approach was a mixture of professionalism alongside a deep understanding with a non-judgmental and friendly approach. Jayne was open, honest and flexible in my therapy and provided me with a number of techniques unique to my own problems that I was facing. I would highly recommend Jayne to anyone who is seeking support from a kind, caring but yet solution focus therapist who is willing to listen attentively and provide a number of techniques and therapies to provide inner peace and calm. Thank you Jayne!

- Ben R

I would like to thank you for your help with my mother-in-law over the last two months. With your help and fantastic techniques, she feels so much stronger and able to cope and is starting to get back to enjoying seeing her friends and family.  She benefitted considerably from the 5 sessions you had with her during these uncertain times. 
This week she has told us we do not need to do her shopping for her as she has coped well with going into a supermarket herself.   I cannot thank Jayne enough and I would recommend your service to all those needing time and space to talk things through when life had become so difficult for her.

- Trish M

I did several sessions with Jayne to help me overcome the sense of being overwhelmed by life, to improve my ways of dealing with stress and turn around my frequent negative thoughts. I took such a lot from each session - they really helped!

Jayne is easy to confide in and she is interested in you as a person and how she can help you.
Jayne’s professionalism really shone through and I can 100% recommend her if you are feeling in need of similar clarity in your life.

- JL

Normally a confident, happy, healthy person…I totally lost my way. I cannot believe how striving to get a handicap for golf within a given period could cause me such anxiety, disbelief in my ability, sleepless nights and gradually affected my health. Luckily found Jayne. Jayne makes you feel better just chatting to her in her beautiful calming therapy room. I believed immediately that she would be able to help me. Her voice, empathy, understanding and treatments are so soothing. I completed a few of her techniques which worked so amazingly well. I am truly thankful. And yes….I managed to get my handicap!

- DH